Premier Spa Facial Treatment

Many people follow some type of skincare routine and feel that maintaining their skin is a priority. But unless you are receiving the full benefits of regularly scheduled facials, you may not be getting to the root of the aging process. I Got Your Back Massage Therapy provides a whole approach to self-care with Palm Harbor's Premier Facial Services.

Those who think facials are merely a luxury have a wrinkle in their thinking. 

Facial services are not only a way to pamper yourself, but they provide several health and wellness benefits as well.

Skin for Life Professional Spa Facial Treatments and Products

First and perhaps most importantly, the products used - no matter where you go - should be professional, safe, and effective. The formulations our esthetician uses are designed and produced with clean ingredients.

They are safe and effective. But even more, they are results-oriented, paraben-free and they are never, no, never tested on animals.

When you schedule a facial, you should feel good about the products as well as the facial services you receive.

What to Expect with Professional Facial Services

Facial services provide you with a much deeper cleansing than you can accomplish at home. Consider this.

When you brush your teeth at home, you get the day's germs, and plaque removed and feel fresher. But when you go to the dentist, the hygienist will go a step further. The dental staff will take x rays, examine the mouth's overall health, and treat areas of concern in the appointment.

That is precisely what an esthetician will do for your face in a professional facial.

Your trusted esthetician will examine the condition of your face, clean and treat your problematic areas, and leave you feeling fresh and clean. Then, the esthetician can recommend further treatment methods to help you continue thorough skincare at home.

So, you see, it is much more than an excellent way to treat yourself for about an hour. Facials are essential to your facial, neck, and decolletage skincare and condition. However, it does feel really lovely. Clients should be encouraged to enjoy the process.

The Benefits of a Deep Cleansing Facial

A deep cleansing facial is a multi-step process to taking exceptional care of your skin. It is true; nothing compares to the feeling of running your fingers over a freshly cleansed face. Your skin feels soft and supple, and you know you have done a good thing for yourself. But more than the feeling, there are many health benefits to getting a monthly deep cleansing facial you may not know about. Let us explain here.

  1. Facial services reduce stress and relax the facial muscles.
  2. A deep cleansing facial goes beyond the surface and prevents breakouts.
  3. If you want to avoid aging, there is no better way to begin reversing the process.
  4. Facial massage promotes healthy blood circulation.
  5. Facials detoxify the skin and remove black and whiteheads.
  6. Removing the dead skin cells with exfoliation leaves your skin rejuvenated.
  7. Tightening your skin with facial services will aid in eliminating under-eye bags and dark circles.
  8. Facials provide that even skin tone everyone desires.

Say "I love you" to your skin by caring for it deeply and not just on the surface.

Best Palm Harbor Facial Treatments

Come and relax with a deep cleansing facial at I Got Your Back Massage Therapy and Facial Services. Our expertly trained esthetician, Karen Reiser, will give your face the attention and care it deserves. The professional products she chooses for you will leave your skin looking brighter and feeling refreshed.

As both a massage therapist and an esthetician, Karen knows how to increase circulation and encourage optimal blood flow to the skin and underlying muscles. Both women and men enjoy deep cleansing facials specially customized for each individual.

  • Try our Papaya and Enzyme Facial to remove dead skin cells, restore circulation, and deep clean the pores. This luxurious service will purify your face and neck and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.
  • For the men, try our GQ Facial Services. Get that fresh feeling with softer and cleaner skin, all in a skincare treatment designed just for you. We use professional products to provide the deep cleansing facials men need and even want.

Ready to take an hour to take care of the face you have and elevate it to the look and feel you desire? Contact our massage and facial spa to get on the schedule to get that well-deserved care and facial services today.